If you are considering switching to a third party energy provider, please consider Viridian. Viridian will provide residual fundraising income to SVDP here at Mary, Mother of the Church when you sign up from our website.  

Consider these features when considering Viridian: 

  • No Cost to Enroll — completely Free to Sign Up
  • No Hidden Fees (NJ requires 49cent mo.adm.fee)
  • No Risk  ***No Contract*** No Strings
  • You can Cancel and switch back at any time (at no charge)
  • No credit checks – no credit card needed – no SS# needed
  • No private or personal information needed
  • No physical changes to your Electrical System
  • It takes only 5 minutes to enroll/sign up 

Additional information about Viridian is available at the following web site: viridian.com/bordentownsvdp

In order for SVdP to participate in this fundraising opportunity, you MUST sign up at this web site.   It helps to have a copy of your utility bill available when you are signing up. 

You will continue to get the same single monthly bill from your current utility and your current utility will still be your delivery provider and the place to call for all service issues, billing issues and emergencies.  

This is a WIN – WIN …. affordable, responsible energy supply from Viridian and funds to SVdP to help serve those in need in our local community. 

If you have any questions, please call our SVdP Helpline # (609) 298-1414. 

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